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Can You Afford $2,000 for MCAT Prep?

You're not alone!

Every day, I would receive emails from students telling me how bad they wanted to be a doctor, but they felt hopeless because the MCAT seemed insurmountable. It was heart-breaking! The emails fell into one of three categories:

  1. "I'm doomed. I can't afford an expensive MCAT prep class and everyone knows you can't score high on the MCAT without one. I'm crying, please help!"
  2. "I'm doomed. I couldn't afford an expensive MCAT prep class, I took it anyway, and I bombed like everyone said I would. Now, I'm crying and my mom doesn't love me, please help!"
  3. "I'm doomed. I paid $5,000 for an MCAT class and I spent 3 months studying under some instructor who got a perfect score only to feel burnt out, anxious and more confused than when I started. I bombed the test. Now, I'm crying, my mom doesn't love me and the creditors are after me, please help!"

Which one of these 3 are you?

When I was a pre-med, I was the first category. I didn’t have any doctors in my family and my parents couldn’t help me financially. Money was so tight, I had to live in a triple-occupancy dorm (ugggggh). There was no way I could afford to pay $2500 to some big prep company so they could give me a stack of books, a library of lectures that read the cliff-notes to me and a so-called “MCAT Instructor” who’s really a glorified MCAT baby-sitter responsible for telling me when to study.

So, I used my studying expertise to develop the ultimate independent MCAT studying system. I scored in the 95th percentile and got into Stanford Medical School. I taught MCAT strategy for various Stanford Medical School outreach programs and to my own mentees for years to help them ace the MCAT. Now, I’m going to save you a ton of money and stress by teaching you all my secrets!

MCAT Magic



What You Will Learn:

  • How to tackle the key change to the new MCAT that has students baffled
  • How the MCAT affects medical school admissions and what score you need in order to wow them
  • The pros and cons of popular MCAT prep products
  • How to create a practical MCAT study schedule
  • How to make the most of your study time
  • How to attack MCAT passages


What MCAT Studying Is Like After This Course:

  • You become an efficient studier. Every hour you spend studying is worth 2 or 3 hours of other students.
  • You avoid burnout because your study schedule will allow you take plenty of breaks and take 2 days off per week. Yes, I mean 2 days a week of absolutely no studying.
  • You will be more energized because you will be able to get 8 glorious hours of sleep per night.
  • You will save thousands of dollars because you won’t have to buy an expensive prep class. Even if you do buy a prep class, this course will show you how to get the most bang for your buck.
  • You will score higher than you would’ve ever imagined because you will have expert study strategies that no one else has.
  • You will own test day because you will have the ability to get the correct answer, even when you don’t know the answer. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • You will have the fundamentals necessary to dominate every one of the million standardized tests you are required to take after the MCAT. (USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2, USMLE Step 3…)
  • Most importantly, your studying will be less stressful and more fun. What could be more fun than preparing for a test you know you are going to dominate?!

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How can this course help you?


"Dr. Pinesett has done it again! This course is jam-packed with a wealth of knowledge on how to successfully get organized and become fully prepared to conquer the MCAT. After taking this course, I feel much more confident in my ability to do well, and have already made my killer MCAT prep schedule. Definitely worth every penny!"

John Walters

"Just as Dr. Pinesett says, this course is very thorough and you will come out of it feeling like you will obliterate the MCAT. He even goes over some tactics which you can also apply to your classes. If you think his YouTube channel is good, just imagine how good his courses are! This course has far exceeded my expectations and was definitely well worth it!"


"If you want to truly be prepared to not only dominate your MCAT prep but rip the MCAT to shreds then this is the course for you! Thanks to Dr. Pinesett, I am confident in my ability to study and do extremely well on the MCAT. I was worried that I did not have the smarts nor the study skills to perform well but I know that if I execute my plan of attack the MCAT doesn't stand a chance. As soon as I take my MCAT and get my score back I will update my review to show that Dr. Pinesett truly prepared me to succeed. Thank you Dr. Pinesett for the confidence, scheduling guidelines, and change of mindset that I needed to put my best foot forward and only have to take the MCAT once!"



  • How Can This Course Help You?
  • Creating Awareness
  • Creating Easy-to Follow Plans
  • Creating Confidence
  • MCAT Paralysis
  • MCAT Imitation
  • MCAT Synergy
  • MCAT Practice
  • Course Overview
  • ***Action Required*** MUST WATCH THIS
  • Pre-course Survey
  • The Bad-ish News
  • Tips For The 4 Sections
  • The Good-ish News
  • What's A Good MCAT Score?
  • Important MCAT Logistics
  • Academic Aptitude
  • MCAT = Med School Gate-Keeper
  • How Does The MCAT Affect Admission?
  • MCAT Mythbusters: What are the best months to take the MCAT?
  • MCAT Mythbusters: How to Take the MCAT Without the Recommended Pre-requisites Part 1
  • MCAT Mythbusters: How to Take the MCAT Without the Recommended Pre-requisites Part 2
  • MCAT Mythbusters: Is it better to take the MCAT Junior or Senior Year?
  • MCAT Mythbusters: Dose it Matter When my MCAT Scores are Submitted?
  • The Key Question To Ask
  • Do I have a school break?
  • Am I financially Ready?
  • Am I emotionally ready?
  • Let's Summarize
  • What Do You Need?
  • What Subject Review Resources?
  • What Question and Practice Exam Resources?
  • How To Make The Most of An MCAT Prep Class
  • Overview
  • The Formula For MCAT Success
  • S1 P1: How To Study For 4 Years
  • S1 P2: Why To Study For 4 Years
  • S2 P1: How Many Full Length Exams Should You Take?
  • S2 P2: Simulate The Extreme Test Environment
  • S3: Read & Refresh
  • S4: Set Your MCAT Goal
  • S5: Get Books
  • S6 P1: Organize Your Life
  • S6 P2: Organize Your Study Environment
  • S6 P3: Make Your Study Environment Comfortable
  • S7 P1: Create A Functional MCAT Schedule
  • S7 P2: MCAT Study Schedule Goal
  • S7 P3: Set Study Hours
  • S7 P4: How Much Study Time Do You Need?
  • S7 P5: Breaks, Fun-Time & Time-Off
  • S7 P6: MCAT Excel Scheduling
  • S7 P7: Making Up Missed Time
  • S8: Start Studying & Stay Studying
  • S9 P1: The Why of Question-Based Studying From Day One
  • S9 P2: The 75:25 Rule
  • S9 P3: The How of Question-Based Studying From Day One
  • S9 P4: How To Take & Use MCAT Notes
  • S10: Utilize Interweaved Practice
  • S11 P1: Don't Dwell On Stuff That Doesn't Matter
  • S11 P2: Preparing For The MCAT If English Is Your Second Language
  • How To Attack MCAT Passages
  • How To Dominate Test Anxiety
  • E01: How To Maximize Learning With Question Based Studying
  • E02: Example of Making the Most Out of Every Question
  • Post-Course Survey

How To Dominate The MCAT Without an Expensive Prep Class



Andre Pinesett, MD, MPH



I am a Stanford Medical School graduate and have been helping students maximize their potential and be more productive for almost 15 years. In that time, I have learned about the major obstacles to student success and I have developed easy to follow and effective systems that enable students to not only survive school, but to dominate. My courses are research and experience-based and are constantly being updated to stay current.

I have a unique teaching style to say the least [laughter]. I want you to not only learn, but to be inspired and have so much fun learning that you treat the modules like Netflix episodes. You know what I’m talking about, you find that amazing show and you watch until you can’t keep your eyes open. That’s my objective. Enjoy!

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