How to Dominate Pre-med:

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Everything you need to know to be a successful pre-med so you can get into med school.

Take charge of your medical school future

So many pre-meds sleepwalk through college, never learning what medical schools are actually looking for until it is too late. They spend hours and hours in forums getting partial and superficial guidance that leaves them in of perpetual uncertainty. They make poor choices, waste time in meaningless extra-curricular activities and are left with a generic, average and unappealing application. And as my college counselor told me, average students don’t get into medical school!

I am the medical school admissions expert you have been looking for. Unlike the bozos you’ve encountered elsewhere, I go beyond just vagaries, beyond just lists of requirements. In this course, I have laid out step-by-step instructions for not only meeting medical school admission requirements, but for crushing the requirements and making yourself a must-have candidate. This course is packed with insider information and high-level strategy that you can’t find anywhere else. It is filled with literally everything you need to know to become the perfect premed, removing all the uncertainty you feel about what you need to do to get into medical school.

After this course:


  • You won’t need to search the internet endlessly, only to find vague, questionable answers.
  • You won’t need to pay thousands of dollars for a pre-med advisor.
  • You’ll be able to make a personalized pre-med masterplan and be 100% confident you can execute.
  • You’ll have a significantly better understanding of admissions than any of your friends, you’ll be your own pre-med expert.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy pre-med and avoid disastrous missteps.
  • You’ll have a pre-med resume full of exceptional achievements that stand out.
  • Ultimately, you will be able to work smarter, get into medical school and live your dream of helping people.

"This course has completely changed my outlook on my premed preparation. There are so many aspects I had never even considered. I now know that I will have a very strong application when it is "My Year" to apply. You would think that with more information I will likely be doing more work. Wrong! I discovered I was doing way to many things and that my activities did not have the depth and breadth to make me stand out from other applicants. So now I have cut down tremendously on what I am focusing on and instead I am dominating those activities and defining my "X Factor". YOU WILL NOT need any kind of premed coach after you have taken this course, and you will likely be helping other premeds you know! Buy it today!"

You Don't Know, What You Don't Know.
Kyle Boyd

"Hi Pre-Med Family and Prospective Premed Community Members, I hope you get into this course as soon as you realize you want to pursue medicine. I got in this course after submitting for an application cycle where I was overconfident and unprepared. The full course (as opposed to Dr. Pinesett's application focused course) was important to me because even though I went through undergraduate studies ages ago, that portion put everything into perspective for me. Having this course is amazing because it is like Dr Pinesett has uploaded himself into the computer as my own personal coach with audiovisual effects, play and repeat on demand. The platform is friendly for any device you use, I have used samsung tablet, iPhone and MacBook Pro. If you have any question on how to execute your Pre-med career and the application for medical school, get in now and always have access to this great resource. Realize, that even as a non traditional applicant, when you realize you want to apply to medical school, you qualify as Pre-Med, and you need this course. I was able to eliminate my doubts and become my own expert application preparer. As Dr Pinesett advises, you can challenge the advice here by looking at other internet and live person sources of advice. I found that I was able to debunk the other information I found and I knew exactly what to do. If you think something is not in the course, reach out to Dr Pinesett, he will make sure it is covered. He is real, and the genuine article. Get in the webinars, follow him on social media and the community will come to life for you. This course and all of what Dr Pinesett provides will be the best investment choice you could make for yourself. It is worth more than the full price and you can not beat the value. Do yourself the service. See you inside! Best wishes in all that you do, Meryl Aspiring Physician"

This is the ultimate guide for Pre-Med. I am an extreme non-traditional Pre-Med.
Meryl Braun

"Dr. Pinesett is phenomenal. My review cannot begin to explain how incredible this course is. The course is very much worth the cost!!! I wish my peers would not blow money away at festivals and conferences and instead invest in their future. I am a 4th year undergrad, with (I thought) vast experience and knowledge regarding med school admissions. I have been to countless workshops and huge conferences (UC Davis Pre-health conference 3 times, and the American Medical Student Association 3 day National Convention in Washington DC.) and I've organized pre-health events. I was in a medical organization for 4 years and served as the President this past year, I work in a research lab and volunteered in a hospital. Yet, I learned more about preparation for medical school in this course than I did in all of my past 4 years of undergrad. Students think, "I know what I am doing , I talked to a med student a conference once." However, the reality is , that 20 minute conversation did not cover the hours upon hours upon hours of information this course offers. THIS COURSE IS A MUST, if you are serious about med school. No question about it. Thank you with all my heart Dr. Pinesett"

You should have skipped Coachella this year and purchased this course!!
Andrew Betancourt

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The Pre-med Poverty Expert


Course Curriculum

  • You've Been Warned
  • Congratulations! You're Accepted to Medical School
  • Awareness Evokes Effective Action
  • How To Use This Course
  • My Passion
  • What Do You Want Your Eulogy To Say?
  • Principle #1
  • Principle #2
  • Principle #3
  • Principle #4
  • Principle #5
  • Principle #6
  • Acknowledgements
  • Step 1: Dominate College
  • Step 2: Dominate The Medical School Application
  • Step 3: Dominate Medical School
  • Step 4: Dominate The Match
  • Step 5: Dominate Residency
  • The True Cost of Becoming A Doctor
  • The True Cost of Being A Doctor
  • Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Doctor?
  • Is #DoctorLife For You?
  • Why #DoctorLife Is Right For Me
  • The 2 Requirements For A Fulfilling #DoctorLife
  • Why #DoctorLife Is The Best Life
  • Is #DoctorLife For You?
  • Other Health Care Professions
  • Choosing Your Pre-med Pathway
  • What to Consider When Choosing a College Part 1
  • What to Consider When Choosing a College Part 2
  • What to Consider When Choosing a College Part 3
  • Is Transferring An Option?
  • From Community College to Medical School
  • Community College Syndrome
  • University Encephalopathy
  • Transfer Student Delerium
  • Graduating Early
  • BS/MD Combined Programs
  • The 2 Great Myths of Transitioning To College
  • The Successful College Transition Part 1
  • The Successful College Transition Part 2
  • The Successful College Transition Part 3
  • The Successful College Transition Part 4
  • The Successful College Transition Part 5
  • Bringing It All Together
  • The Pre-med Poverty Expert
  • The Truth About School Loans
  • The Truth About College Scholarships
  • The Most Efficient Scholarship Finding Method Ever
  • 6 Steps For Efficiently Getting Scholarships
  • The Truth About Work-Study
  • The Truth About Jobs And Money
  • 9 Simple Steps For Becoming A Ballin' Student Entrepreneur
  • How To Start A Successful Cookie Company
  • How To Start A Successful Tutoring Company
  • How To Start A Successful Yo-Yo Company
  • What's My Middle Name?
  • What's The Purpose of Pre-med?
  • How To Be A Pre-med Loser
  • What is Academic Aptitude?
  • Hardly Holistic
  • Medical School Applications Are Not Fair?!
  • Does My GPA Have To Be Perfect?!
  • Myths About Pre-med Majors
  • What To Consider When Choosing A College Major
  • Should I Major in Science?
  • Should I Major in Non-Science?
  • The Best College Major
  • Double Majors & Minors
  • Honors Programs
  • Required Pre-requisites
  • Recommended Pre-requisites
  • Helpful Pre-requisites
  • Pre-requisite Strategy
  • Community College Pre-requisite Strategy
  • Grades Are Like Guacamole
  • How Do Medical Schools Evaluate GPAs
  • The Duality of Your GPA
  • The Truth About "Weed-out" Classes
  • Everybody's GPA Goes Up... And They Stay There
  • Course-load Evaluation Part 1
  • Course-load Evaluation Part 2
  • Course-load Strategy For The Non-Traditional Student
  • How To Study Abroad
  • How To Work Abroad
  • Withdraws, Incompletes and Pass/Fail Courses
  • Certificates
  • Post-Baccalaureate Programs Part 1
  • How To Decide What To Do After You Graduate
  • Post-Baccalaureate Programs Part 2
  • How To Choose The Right Post-Baccalaureate Program
  • Special Masters Programs
  • Masters Degrees & Combined MD-Masters
  • PhD & Combined MD-PhD Programs
  • The Truth About Degrees
  • Bringing It All Together
  • The 2 Rules of MCAT
  • Overview of the MCAT
  • Planning For The MCAT
  • How Re-taking The MCAT Effects Medical School Admission
  • How The MCAT Killed A Bright Future
  • The MCAT In A Nutshell
  • The Truth About Extra-curricular Activities!
  • Is a Job A Quality Extra-curricular?
  • What is the Purpose of Extra-curriculars?
  • Efficiency is Key
  • Proper Pacing is Key
  • Leadership is Key
  • What Makes An Effective Leader?
  • How To Create A Leadership Position
  • The Truth About Quitting Extra-curricular Activities
  • How To Quit Gracefully
  • Domain II Summary
  • Extra-Curricular Activities In A Nutshell
  • The Truth About Humanitarianism
  • How To Make Your Humanitarianism Pop
  • Why Is Humanitarianism Important?
  • The Humanitarianism Heart
  • Humanitarian Hero Example 1
  • Humanitarian Hero Example 2
  • Humanitarian Hero Example 3
  • Humanitarian Hero Example 4
  • Humanitarianism Tid Bits
  • The Ultimate Humanitarian Hero
  • Human Nature
  • The Truth About Clinical Experience
  • Successful Hospital Volunteering Strategic Option 1
  • Successful Hospital Volunteering Strategic Option 2
  • Successful Hospital Volunteering Strategic Option 3
  • Successful Hospital Volunteering Strategic Option 4
  • Strategies For Alternative Clinical Experience
  • Clinical Shadowing
  • How To Get A Shadowing Opportunity If You Don't Know Any Doctors
  • How To Successfully Shadow
  • 2 Final things
  • What Is Scholarly Potential?
  • What's The Purpose of Research?
  • What Is Bench Research?
  • How To Get A Bench Research Position
  • What Is Clinical Research?
  • How To Attain A Clinical Research Position
  • Is Non-Science Research Valid?
  • My Favorite Pre-med Research
  • How To Make The Most of Pre-med Research
  • The Truth About Changing Research Positions
  • Other Scholarly Pursuits
  • The Truth About Publications
  • How To Create A Scholarly Event In 1 Week
  • How To Create A Scholarly Project in 30 Days
  • How To Create A Scholarly Product in 30 Days
  • How To Get A Publication in 30 Days
  • Scholarly Potential: Bringing It All Together
  • Are You A Sheep?
  • What Are Medical Schools Looking For?
  • The Truth About Underrepresented and Disadvantaged Status
  • Dr. Diversity
  • What Is An X-Factor?
  • How To Find Your X-Factor
  • X-Factor Extraordinaires 1
  • X-Factor Extraordinaires 2
  • How To Dominate Pre-med- Exclusive Webinar #1

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Andre Pinesett, MD, MPH



I am a Stanford Medical School graduate and have been helping students maximize their potential and be more productive for almost 15 years. In that time, I have learned about the major obstacles to student success and I have developed easy to follow and effective systems that enable students to not only survive school, but to dominate. My courses are research and experience-based and are constantly being updated to stay current.

I have a unique teaching style to say the least [laughter]. I want you to not only learn, but to be inspired and have so much fun learning that you treat the modules like Netflix episodes. You know what I’m talking about, you find that amazing show and you watch until you can’t keep your eyes open. That’s my objective. Enjoy! 

[email protected]

"This course and Dr. Pinesett have helped me more than anyone on my whole entire campus. He is real, his advice is real, and Dr. Pinesett lets you know that no matter how far gone you think you are, no matter how unattainable medical school seems, YOU CAN GET IN! He lets you know upfront in a way that applies to every applicant, and his advice is not cookie cutter in anyway. I recommend anyone to take this course especially for high school students, so that they know what is up before any mistakes are made. "

Awesome Course!!!!!!!!
Cortney Doyle

"Let me start off by saying that when I first started college, I was not a very good student. It's not that I didn't want to do my work, I just didn't know how to properly prepare and study. After having a few semesters full of tears and feeling down about myself and my intelligence, I finally had an epiphany. I needed to change. Something I was doing wasn't effective and was impeding my ability to shine in my courses. I was never going to get to medical school if I continued on that path. I remember the exact semester that marks the beginning of my upward trend, Fall 2015. Since then, my GPA has been consistently climbing up from the depths of where it lingered. However, although I was one of the top students in a majority of my classes, there was still room for improvement. There is always more that we can learn. I had A's and B's, but I wanted ALL A's. This is where the amazing advice and teaching of Dr. Andre Pinesett comes in. Through his caring teaching and critical thinking, he has shown me how to become the best version of myself academically and as a medical school applicant. This course walks you through the entire process of pre-med life from beginning to end, touching on every important subject (plus some you wouldn't have even thought of!). He breaks each section down into pieces that make it easy to understand and follow. I am now more confident that I can write a sound, killer personal statement and successfully acquire my strong letters of recommendation. Since finding your videos at the beginning of the semester, I have seen a big improvement in the confidence I hold in my abilities to succeed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I look forward to purchasing your MCAT and Medical School Interview courses when I am in a more financially stable situation to do so! "

Wow! Just WOW!
Lindsay Pass

"I'm a non-traditional student who's finally making the commitment to pursue medicine. I have found that Dr. Pinesett provides honest and one of a kind advice on how to accomplish your goals and maximize who you are and who you want to become. His advice applies to all domains in life, not just to pre-medical students. He is a very engaging speaker and find myself binge-watching his courses. I have found his courses and advice to be a valuable investment in my future. I wish I would have discovered his courses earlier; they would have saved me lots of time and grief. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Pinesett for sharing your wisdom and kindness. D.O. current PharmD. and future MD."

Honest advice from an expert that you can't get anywhere else!
Domenica Oberholtzer

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