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Getting premeds into med school for over a decade with my innovative and proven systems: study efficiently, premed smarter, dominate the MCAT and make your application stand out!






I eliminate the stress of getting into medical school by equipping you with unbeatable time management skills, cutting-edge study techniques, ultra-efficient premed strategies, and the ultimate medical school application system.

When my college counselor told me after my freshman year that I would never get into med school – and even doubted my ability to graduate college – I took those words as a challenge. Fueled by the desire to prove her wrong, I became obsessed with productivity and mastering the med school admissions process.

As a result, I transformed my premed career, gained admission to my top choice, Stanford Medical School, and ultimately became an anesthesiologist.

While my personal success is gratifying, my favorite is watching my students crush their goals!

With over 20 years of experience mentoring and coaching students and premeds (I know, I'm old, haha), I've encountered and triumphed over every premed obstacle imaginable – no joke!

Getting into medical school isn't magic – it's all about exceptional execution!


 I Transform Anxious and Overwhelmed Premeds into Happy, Productive and Laser-Focused Premeds With the Power of Exceptional Execution!

I help anxious and overwhelmed students...

This represents 99% of students, so don't feel bad if this is you. They are confused about what to do, so they try to do everything to make sure they cover all the bases. They are always “so busy”, yet never seem to get the grade or make the impact. They see college as a giant tangled knot of chaos and are constantly scrambling around, asking themselves "what's the point?"

…Into Happy, Productive and Laser-Focused Premeds

Join the elite 5% of premeds who absolutely thrive under my guidance. My step-by-step systems empower you to focus on what genuinely matters, breeze through coursework, set course curves consistently, and make a real difference in the activities you're passionate about. With my unwavering support, you won't merely survive premed – you'll dominate it!

Real Expertise. Real Students. Real Transformations.

No Excuses, Just Dominate!

But don't just take my word for it – listen to the transformation stories of my students:



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