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Being a student is more hectic than ever, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Do you find it hard to believe in yourself?

Do you struggle to get (and stay) motivated?

Do you procrastinate constantly?

You are not alone!

According to the US Census Bureau, roughly 3 out of 4 college students report having experienced a sense of “overwhelming anxiety” about their academic performance and their future.

As a first-generation college student, I was completely overwhelmed and almost flunked out after my freshman year. I felt like I didn’t belong and like everyone else was smarter than me. My counselor confirmed my suspicion when she told me that I would never get into medical school and that I needed to quit premed. 

But I refused to quit!

Instead, I fixed my mindset, got confident and I ended up dominating college studying only 2 hours per day and then I went on to Stanford Medical School where I graduated top 5% of my class. Equally important, college became fun and I was able to enjoy my journey.

Now, I want to teach you the 3 Principles that changed my life and will undoubtedly change yours too!

In the The Successful Student 3-Day Mindset Makeover you will remove all the unhealthy junk that’s been holding you back and you will be bursting with confidence, motivation and productivity.

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This course is life-changing, but don’t take it from me, listen to my successful students:

"I was more concerned about getting A's instead of mastering the material. I'm not against aiming for an A because I need them too, but, recalling the material months or even years after study is important to me and this course delivers the keys into my hands."

Ebenezer Yankey
Mastery Matters

"Excellent motivational material for those really interested in going to medical school at all cost and against all odds!! I loved the inspiration!!"

Ngozi Okonkwo
Great Course!!

"This course was great. It touches on every obstacle and barrier we can face and provides solutions for them all. I'm so grateful to have purchased this course. And the information that I've gathered from this course will definitely help me study more efficiently. Dr. Pinesett, thank you!!!"

Will Jones
So Impactful

"Before beginning this course, I was unsure if I could improve my study habits and maximize my potential. From the very first lesson, I realized that people (myself included) tend to take things for granted and fail to live up to actually bettering themselves. It is amazing that most of the steps needed to be a better student does not actually require a textbook. If 1 pillar can greatly improve my learning and studying, it is amazing to think about eventually applying all 5 pillars. I recommend Dr. Pinesett’s courses to anyone who is committed to succeeding."

Maximilian Bell
The 1st Step

"The section on "Study Hard vs Study Smart" hit home for me. I appreciate Dr. Pinesett breaking down the differences between the two because like most people I have studied really really HARD but not SMART. While I thought I was trying my best, I was not earning the grades I knew I was capable of. The course was enlightening and had practical tips I could apply right away instead of some mystical theory I couldn't understand."

Erica Brown
Follow His Lead

"I am pretty bad at studying and not super smart, so I would struggle with learning, I always felt like I had so much to do and I hated having to sit down and try to study. I found this course a few weeks ago and tried out what he taught, and suddenly I have so much time in my day. I go to class knowing the material and absolutely dominating. I get so much done when I sit down to study. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who feels like they are struggling in school and needs help to better themselves."

Dallin Woolf
This really worked for me.

"This course should be watched by everyone -- although it is tailored for premed students, I would argue that anyone with big goals/dreams and needs direction and extra encouragement should definitely enroll in this course. Whether you're still in college or you've already graduated college or applying to medical school this cycle, you learn a lot of wisdom from Dr. Pinesett. Dr. Pinesett keeps it real, and there is no sugar-coating"

Nina Huynh
Dr. Pinesett Keeps It Real

"Dr. Pinesett's course is extremely motivating and helpful. He teaches you how to distinguish studying smart from studying hard, see obstacles as opportunities, and remain positive despite these obstacles. The course goes beyond academics and shows you that it is possible to achieve what you desire. There are worksheets for every section that allow you to reflect on what you've learned and on what remains to be done in order to succeed. The entire course is well structured and simple to follow. I learned a lot from it. Don't hesitate, just enroll!"

Thi U.
Great Course

"Thanks to Dr. Pinesett for his willingness to coach and support pre-meds. This FREE course has been super helpful. I particularly love his print outs for you to post anywhere you will see each day, for a visual reminder of the goals and tasks you want to complete as a pre-med. If you're looking for an authentic and passionate Doctor to help you get to medical school, I highly recommend Dr. Pinesett!"

Dawn Payne
Great Explanation!

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The Successful Student 3-Day Mindset Makeover

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