Are DO or Caribbean medical schools a good option?

So you’re considering Caribbean or DO schools as an alternative option to allopathic U.S. medical schools.

Maybe you applied last year and didn’t get into any MD schools (it happens) - or you want to apply to a few DO or Caribbean schools as a backup the same year that you are applying to MD schools.

So which one should you pick if you get into one or both? Watch my video now about it all:

The truth is that DO schools are generally a much better option for most people because they are on U.S. soil, and put students through a rigorous training that is virtually identical to U.S. allopathic schools, and as a result they are significantly more respected than Caribbean schools.

Graduating from a Caribbean school is still a potentially viable option, it just won’t give you access to as many career options as a DO school. You also won’t have the unfortunate stigma that is associated with Caribbean med schools.

One of the only reasons why you should consider a...

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