Should You Use Anki or Flashcards For MCAT Prep?

I’ve received a bunch of questions about Anki, the popular flashcard app that a lot of students use for studying for exams and for the MCAT.

Last weekend, I actually had a long discussion with one of my students about flashcards and the merits of Anki for MCAT prep. I covered this in my email newsletter last weekend, but I’ll recap it for you here on the blog:

For those of you who are in my course The 5 Pillars of Studying Less & Getting Better Grades, you know how I feel about Anki. For those of you not enrolled, let me fill you in real quick:
  • Anki is an online flashcard software that has some nice little features
  • However, I DO NOT recommend you use them, ESPECIALLY for the MCAT because the temptation to use someone else’s flashcard deck is way too strong
  • 99% of people do not know how to effectively flashcard and think that having 5 million flashcards is something to brag about

In our discussion last weekend, my student and I were laughing as he showed me...

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