The Fight for Diversity in Healthcare: A Roadmap for Increasing Minority Doctors

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite ongoing talks, the number of physicians of color entering medicine has hardly changed since the 1960s.
  • Lack of funding and short-term grants hinder efforts to increase diversity in healthcare.
  • Late intervention in the pipeline process leaves many students of color without the necessary support and resources.
  • Current pipeline programs often focus on courses and networking events instead of teaching essential skills for success.
  • The "show me culture" of representation without support is not effective in increasing diversity in healthcare.
  • It's time and it’s integral to move from talk to concrete actions for substantial change in healthcare diversity. 

“Today is about action. We have to understand how serious this is. We're making no substantial increase in the percentage of physicians who are of color going into medicine. We have to get on this way of massive action.” -Dr. Pinesett


In the realm of healthcare, diversity is a...

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