Do you wonder if you can get into med school with a low GPA?

So you feel like you messed up in undergrad and got a low GPA, maybe around 2.8 or even lower. Does that mean that your dreams of being a doctor are gone forever?

Watch this video now where I break it down for you:

As you’ll see, your doctor's dreams are still perfectly intact if you want them to be - even with a low GPA - but you’re going to have to work your tail off to raise your GPA.

A better question is - are you willing to put in up to 4 years of work to fix that low GPA to get into med school? If you’re willing to do that, then you should continue.

It may take up to 4 years, it may take even longer, but by taking as many courses as you need to raise your GPA, and taking other steps to strengthen your application and score competitively on the MCAT, you’ll eventually get to med school.

Be ready to put the work in - but more importantly, you’re going to have to learn the right study habits and skills that are going to ensure you don’t mess...

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