Study Less, Get Better Grades Bootcamp 1st Live Session Highlights


Session 1: The Systematic Student

I’m very excited to be hosting my 1st annual “Study Less, Get Better Grades Bootcamp.” This is a 6-week interactive and intensive program designed to make students more skilled, more confident and more independent so that they can get better grades than they ever thought possible, while simultaneously studying less than their peers.


The foundation of the Bootcamp is my course “The 5 Pillars of Studying Less & Getting Better Grades.” Other study books, courses, and programs that bring together a bunch of questionable, random tips and tricks. My course is a complete system for studying smart that gives students a comprehensive and step-by-step road map to getting great grades. There is no guess-work, there is no confusion, there is only exceptional execution. 


In our first session, we discussed how systems allow us to create consistency and improve our performance continuously, making our studying...

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Med School Interview Bootcamp 1st Live Session Highlights


Dominate the Medical School Interview Bootcamp

The medical school interview season recently got underway.

Waiting for interview invites can be one of the hardest parts of the entire journey to medical school.

If you didn’t know, after you submit your primary application to medical schools, schools review the hard data of your application (your MCAT score and GPA), and decide whether or not they want to learn more about you in the form of a secondary application. Secondaries come relatively easy, but the real bottleneck occurs at interview invitations. It costs schools a lot of money to host students for interviews, so they are much more selective about who they invite to their campus.

As such, if you receive an interview invite, you should know that you are qualified, otherwise the school wouldn't waste the money on you. That being said, with everyone who makes it to the interview stage being a qualified applicant, how you perform on interview day can make or break your...

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