Study Less, Get Better Grades Bootcamp 1st Live Session Highlights


Session 1: The Systematic Student

I’m very excited to be hosting my 1st annual “Study Less, Get Better Grades Bootcamp.” This is a 6-week interactive and intensive program designed to make students more skilled, more confident and more independent so that they can get better grades than they ever thought possible, while simultaneously studying less than their peers.


The foundation of the Bootcamp is my course “The 5 Pillars of Studying Less & Getting Better Grades.” Other study books, courses, and programs that bring together a bunch of questionable, random tips and tricks. My course is a complete system for studying smart that gives students a comprehensive and step-by-step road map to getting great grades. There is no guess-work, there is no confusion, there is only exceptional execution. 


In our first session, we discussed how systems allow us to create consistency and improve our performance continuously, making our studying infinitely powerful.


We also discussed what makes a great student and why so many of us have struggled to unlock the great student inside each of us. It was a very rich discussion with some awesome student contributions.


What is stopping you from being a great student?


For our group, the major obstacles that students identified were:



& Poor time management


In my experience, these are very accurate.


Do you agree?


We discussed how each of these are HUGE obstacles and not things that you can just easily overcome. But, for me at the root of all these is the inability to make the right decision at the right time.


Many students struggle with critical thinking and critical reasoning. The best way to improve your critical thinking is to make critical thinking a part of every day by thinking critically about every decision you have. I know it is easy to just default decision to the first thing that comes to mind, but this may be stopping you from being great. You have an exam coming up, and you are deciding whether to study or watch YouTube. The default decision will be to watch YouTube because it is the easier path, which means you just decided to procrastinate and misuse your time.


If you want to be a better student, start by actually thinking about your decisions critically, examining both the short-term and long-term implications. I MADE the DECISION to think critically everyday about my decisions, and it paid HUGE dividends for me. I made better decisions, which led to my time being better spent, and me DOING better things.


All of this added up to me becoming a SUPERSTAR STUDENT! And now I spend my time teaching young people like yourself how they too can become a SUPERSTAR STUDENT (without having to search endlessly for the key to efficient studying, like I had to in college). If you are ready to level up your study game, check out my FREE webinar:

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