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Dominate the Medical School Interview Bootcamp

The medical school interview season recently got underway.

Waiting for interview invites can be one of the hardest parts of the entire journey to medical school.

If you didn’t know, after you submit your primary application to medical schools, schools review the hard data of your application (your MCAT score and GPA), and decide whether or not they want to learn more about you in the form of a secondary application. Secondaries come relatively easy, but the real bottleneck occurs at interview invitations. It costs schools a lot of money to host students for interviews, so they are much more selective about who they invite to their campus.

As such, if you receive an interview invite, you should know that you are qualified, otherwise the school wouldn't waste the money on you. That being said, with everyone who makes it to the interview stage being a qualified applicant, how you perform on interview day can make or break your acceptance chances. Schools are looking to expose the phonies who talk a good game on the application, but can't back it up in person. And one of the very first questions they will ask you that sets the tone for the whole interview is:



“Can you tell me about yourself?”


If an interviewer asked you this, what would you say?

Do you have an answer?

Odds are you either have NO CLUE what to say, or you are going to answer with a boring elevator speech (Click HERE to see the awkwardness haha) that is composed essentially of where you are from, where you went to school, what you majored in, and what you have been involved in.

Sound, about right?

Studies show that the first couple minutes of an interview have the greatest impact on the outcome on the interviewer’s evaluation. Mishandling the opening question is a sure-fire way to kill your acceptance chances.

I want you to take some time this week and think about a reasonable response to this question. Your response should be unique, separating you from the thousands of other applicants.

Everyone is from somewhere, everyone went to college, and everyone did extra-curriculars, so how can that info separates you?

Instead, you should actually tell them about YOU. What really makes you is your passions, and how you have creatively and successfully found ways to pursue them. If you can make the interviewer feel your passion and see how YOU are uniquely qualified to enrich the medical school, you are sure to get accepted.

The best way to do this is to use my “5-Part Dialogue” system to frame yourself and paint a clear and persuasive picture of your greatness in the interviewer’s mind.

If you would like to learn how to craft and deliver the perfect 5-part dialogue, as well as get mock interview practice with me, join my Medical School Interview Bootcamp today! We will be meeting weekly as a group to ensure you are ready to dominate the interview day. Enrollment closes October 31st.

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