5+ Lessons About Pre-med and Getting into Medical School: Part 5- It’s easy to rationalize

People sometimes feel that I’m abrasive, harsh and that I’m one-sided about things.

We rationalize what we do when we don’t invest.

It’s not about buying a course. How many of you don’t spend on time working on yourself? How many of you know that you have glaring weakness but don’t put in any time to work on it because you rationalize?

It’s super easy to justify and rationalize your inability to do what’s required of you - whether it’s in investing in yourself monetarily or in terms of time or in the analytics.

I have a student who told me that he takes the time to analyze what he does every semester - and that was how he got better at studying.

He’s investing in himself by analyzing himself and being critical at himself. He smiles in his face, wait until he turns around and laugh at how stupid he’s been.

How do you give a hundred percent?

I had someone ask me how do you give a hundred percent - because he was willing to do anything to reach his goals.

So few of us have that level of commitment that we will do whatever it takes. Instead we say, I’ll do whatever it takes as long as it’s not this or as long as it’s not uncomfortable.

There’s always a BUT.

It can’t be a BUT.

It’s #NoExcusesJustDominate.

Be willing to do anything AND everything required to get where you want to go.

And if you commit, that’s where success is.

But so many of us don’t commit.

And it feels the worst when we don’t get everything.


BONUS: We need more hugs and loves

I love going to events so much so people can hug me. When I go to events, people feel so good, they ask for a hug - of course! I love giving a real, truthful hug.

When my wife gives me a hug after a long, stressful day, it’s the best thing in the world - and the whole day just vanishes. When my boy sits on my lap, I love to hug and hold him - man, that embrace just feels incredible!

We don’t hug enough. We don’t love enough.

I’m really excited because I talk so much about positivity and my students are helping spread this love and positivity and share resources, instead of hating on each other.

I have this student, Meryl, who brought a friend who has a disability. What was beautiful about it was that this person was coming out to get herself better. And Meryl made sure that she got to the event and drove her there.

That’s what it’s supposed to be about: helping people, loving people, being kind and genuine and truthful, and just embracing people in your lives.

We don’t need everything but sometimes we just need something. Maybe it’s a blanket when you’re cold, a hug when you’re feeling unloved, or a tissue when you’re crying - is everything.

So many of us are starving for the little things in life and it’s sad because there are people who are in the position to help but don’t.

You missed the class, you need the notes - they got the good notes but they won’t share.

I have another one of my students who shares his study guides even if you don’t have to. This could technically affect his curve - but he doesn’t think about that. He doesn’t think about himself, he thinks about their needs: reducing their stress levels, helping their grades.

It really makes me proud and it swells my heart because they spread this love and care and kindness and positivity all around.

When people start believing in themselves, and stop focusing on competing with other people and start competing only with themselves to get themselves better, and start looking to nurture and establish relationships and connections with other people, their lives become richer in so many ways - including their grades and their admissions letters.

I don’t care about being famous or having the most followers. I want leaders.

I want you to leave thinking you can and will be better than me. Not that you’re gonna be like me but BETTER THAN ME.


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