Are you blissfully ignorant about it takes to get into med school?

Ignorance is bliss - but that bliss comes at a cost. If you’ve seen the movie, “The Matrix” you remember the scene with Agent Smith and Cypher - where he’s eating a steak in the matrix and knows it’s not real, yet admires how pleasant it tastes.

Meanwhile, in the “real world” - there’s a lot of hardship, struggles, and battles that his friends are facing.

They’re going through a lot of turmoil, but at the end of the day, they get to know and understand reality better than anyone else. And most importantly, they are genuinely free as human beings.

While the people who are stuck in “the matrix” are really weakened and enslaved as a result of their ignorance.

A similar thing can happen in college - where you feel blissfully ignorant about the future - whether that future is the med school application process, or the hard work it’s going to take to find a great job after college, or getting into grad school.

Watch my recent video where I cover how this applies to premeds:

 Perhaps you’re enjoying the present moment and don’t want to know about the struggle and hard work that it’s going to take to get to med school.

But, I want to tell you - the sooner you gain that knowledge, the better. It’s the sooner that you’ll be able to put yourself in a favorable position to get accepted by med schools.

You don’t want to wait until the last second with this process, believe me. In 2019, if you haven’t figured out that knowledge is everywhere, and everything, then you have a big problem.

A lot of people go through life being blissfully ignorant - believing that they don’t need to think about or prepare for the future until the future arrives. That’s a big, big mistake for anyone, especially for premeds.

You remember the “rude awakening” you had when you first arrived in college if you weren’t adequately prepared for it? It wasn’t enjoyable at all, maybe it was a rough transition.

Then eventually you got back on your feet. Well, the same thing happens when you transition from college into med school or the real world. What if you could get the knowledge and the skills so that transition is seamless and you go through as little pain as possible?

So no, ignorance is not bliss forever. Don’t be like Cypher in The Matrix and trade truth and reality for temporary bliss, because it will be gone fast, and you’ll have to face your med school realities anyway!

Get informed about the admissions process, about the MCAT, about the personal statement, extracurriculars - everything you need to be doing RIGHT NOW. Be constantly hungry to learn more, and then you’ll reach GREATNESS and you’ll be ready for anything, even med school.


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