Can you reuse MCAT passages? What you might not be thinking about.

A few students have asked me if they can reuse their MCAT passages if they are close to “running out” of them. The short answer is: yes, but the long answer is that if you are running out of questions, you probably aren’t utilizing your MCAT questions to the maximum potential.

Watch my recent video where I explain what I mean:

My approach to the MCAT incorporates question based learning so that you increase your score not just by going through questions, but reviewing them thoroughly and effectively so that you understand what you got wrong or right and why.

You should be taking enough time to review your questions so that you aren’t just mowing them down ineffectively and not really breaking down your thought process. Understanding the why behind your right and wrong answer and developing critical thinking skills to

It’s not about the content - knowing or not knowing the question, it’s about learning an approach that will provide maximum gains from each question. So, if you feel like you’re reaching the end of your question bank, then I advise you to check out my MCAT course which will save you from having to buy more MCAT content.

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If you haven’t made content purchases yet, I show you exactly what you need so that you can avoid having to purchase too much, while guaranteeing that you can utilizing question based learning to achieve your top potential score.

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