Do MCAT scores expire? Everything to know about why you should care!

So, a big question that many students have is whether or not MCAT scores expire, and if they expire when do they exactly?


Technically they never expire, but in the eyes of medical schools they absolutely do!

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The reality is that most med schools won’t consider MCAT scores that are any older than 2 or 3 years max. Many schools are set at around 2 years – so what does this mean for you?


Well – here’s a big tip, you NEVER want to take the MCAT until the rest of your application is fully ready for submission!


Otherwise you put yourself at risk of getting a great score on the MCAT and then having to wait over 2 or 3 years before you can apply to med schools and not having that score considered.


That means that your GPA needs to be competitive, extracurriculars good to go, research experiences, etc. Once all of that is ready, only then should you be considering taking the MCAT.



My MCAT course covers creating a personalized MCAT schedule in detail so that you take it at the perfect time so that not only will it be considered by med schools, but you’ll be 100% focused on it so that you can absolutely crush it.


It’s just one of so many important topics I demystify about the MCAT. Don’t listen to the so-called experts, or your academic advisor when they are suggesting that you take the MCAT before you’re ready, or when you can’t focus enough time and energy on it.


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