5+ Lessons About Pre-med and Getting into Medical School: Part 2- We allow what other people say about us to deeply impact us

So, lesson 2 of 5 about premed and getting into medical school is here, and it’s an important one that will serve you well. It’s about not letting others get to you, and although it seems simple, it’s challenging because we are all human.

As I’ve discussed so many times before, on the path of greatness you are going to encounter resistance, haters, naysayers, and others who will try to thwart your efforts with their negative energy or insults.

Perhaps they’re bitter as a result of their own failures, perhaps they just don’t want to see you succeed and are hoping their words discourage you.

How do we respond?

When other people say to you that you can’t do something or when people are criticizing and looking at you and judging you - do you let that affect you? Or let that bring you down? Or let that stop you from getting where you need to go?

How many of you listen to people whom you shouldn’t? For example, you tell your friends that you are doing it this way but then they tell you about some other way that is “the only way to do it”. You listen to them and end up not only not reaching your goal, but further away then when you started because they sent you in the wrong direction?

It’s a sign of maturity when we finally come into our own and finally feel comfortable making our own choices.

There is so much negativity in the world. There are so many haters in the world. There are so many people looking to tear you down to make themselves feel better or just to make you not be successful.

You have to be very diligent and work very hard to shield yourself from other people’s issues.

You have to avoid letting people label you. Just because they have labeled or called you something doesn’t mean that it defines you forever.

Forget labels - be better, be greater.

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You should put your nose to the grindstone and stay focused on your goals to protect yourself from negative people, and it’s the same thing when it comes to school.

Continuing the discussion from last time-- the student I was talking about who was complaining about having to go to the state school that wasn’t his top choice should have had the mentality that literally nothing and no one was going to stand in the way of achieving his medical school dream.

You have to remember that the name of that school is not going to carry you to the next level - to graduate school or medical school.

Going to Stanford may help you get consideration in the applicaiton cycle, but it isn’t going to get you in. It is about what you do while you are at Stanford, or any other school that will make the difference in accepted or rejected. Were you exceptional?

Focus on being an outstanding student, taking your study game to the next level, and doing the absolute best that you can with new tools - especially if what you have been doing isn’t working all that well.

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So many students aren’t willing to do exactly that - to do everything within their power to maximize the opportunities they are presented with.

Success trumps everything.

If you can dominate, nobody cares what school you came from.

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