Can you get into medical school with a 'D' or an 'F' on your transcript?

I’ve had a few questions from some students who have been concerned that their med school dreams are hopeless now because they got an “F” or “D” early on in their pre-med careers.

A lot of them feel like there’s literally nothing they can do to overcome it, but in this video, I explain that you absolutely can! Because I did it - I overcame an “F” that I got freshman year because I didn’t take my calculus course seriously.


If you did a similar thing - you still have a chance to make it - but you’ll need to start making some drastic changes in how you do things.

Mainly, you need to recognize that it is your fault that you got a bad grade. If you blame the teacher, or a hard test or anything else that you can’t control, then you won’t be able to TAKE CONTROL. Acknowledge that your current approach to studying just isn’t working - you’re still not getting the consistent As that you need to pull that GPA up - you need a new one.

I was able to overcome that stain on my transcript because I completely transformed myself into an elite studier and student, while also making my MCAT score a bright spot and ensuring that my extracurriculars were also a nice distraction for the admissions committee, pulling their eyes away from that dreadful ‘F’. You’ll need to do the same thing.

Don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over and using the same approach that just isn’t cutting it. Med school admissions committees are wanting to see that you have made the necessary changes to evolve as a student and a person so that they can be confident you will be able to successfully “drink from the water hose of information” that is medical school.

My courses will show you how to do exactly that. It starts with the MCAT - and luckily I have the world’s best MCAT course if you want to give yourself the best opportunity to crush the MCAT and offset that low grade.

You’ll also need to make sure your extracurriculars are another strong point on your application, and you’ll also find everything you need to know about that in my course How to Dominate Premed - among several other aspects of premed that I cover.

That’s it for now - check out the video! And if this is something that has been worrying you or a friend, like it and share it, and check back for regular new videos every Monday and Wednesday!

No Excuses (not even an F) Just Dominate!


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